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Can we all take a moment to appreciate this amazing comment?


Can we all take a moment to appreciate this amazing comment?

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  • i miss klaine
  • i miss their coffee dates
  • i miss their flirty duets
  • i miss kurt smile whenever he looks at blaine
  • i miss blaine looking at kurt like he put the stars in the sky
  • i miss seeing them walking side by side
  • i miss their hugs
  • i miss seeing them in group performances
  • I
  • MISS


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So I walk into the room and he stands up and is like “Hi I’m Darren!” and I’m like “Hi I’m Kath” and he’s giving me this weird look so immediately I get like really uncomfortable, like he’s probably like who the fuck is this girl back here and why are all my friends talking to her and hanging with her… so I suddenly got nervous, like, oh, he doesn’t want me back here… so then he comes out into the hallway and I’m talking to Dylan Saunders and Darren comes out and Dylan’s like, “Oh this is Kath, have you guys met?” and I said “Well, actually, we met a long time ago,” and Darren says “OH YEAH! Yeah yeah yeah, we totally did!” and I was like, “Mmmhmmm… Yeah, you wouldn’t remember,” and he was like, “No, I totally remember meeting you! It was in Chicago, right?” And I was like, “See? No, it wasn’t in Chicago,” and he said, “No, I totally remember, I totally remember. Where was it?” And I was like, “Los Angeles.” And he was like, “YEAH yeah yeah!” And I turned to him and was like, “You’re so full of shit, you don’t remember me at all.” And he was like: “I totally remember. We met at Brock’s show in L.A. on St. Patrick’s Day and you were with your casting director friend.” … And honest to god I just looked at him and was like, “…Fuck yeah.” And if anybody has seen Darren Criss outside of Glee and professional interviews, you know he has a mouth like a fucking truck driver. So he’s like, “Fuck you! Suck my balls! I totally remembered you!” So all night long he was really in cute in terms of, like, I’d walk around the corner and he’d say, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I forget you since last time you walked around the corner?” Like he was just being really cute. Before we figured it out, Dylan was like, “I promise he remembers you. He remembers all the people he meets. It’s kind of crazy.”

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Remember when this happened?? And we all thought we were going to die?? Hmm…

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Oh!!!! The #1 comment on this video???

Why is that hobbit eating the wood nymph?” «<OMG»>


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Crisscolfer Body Language: The Video


First, the usual disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and observations. I’m not a professional. Everything is up for interpretation etc.

Second, I’m going to put a link to the corresponding video so you can go and watch for yourselves. I’m also going to link to gifs because they make my life so much easier!

Without further ado!

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